Way Down The Old Plank Road (live)

The Song

I’m not 100% sure he wrote it, but this song is most associated with Old Time banjo playing great Uncle Dave Macon.  Jason had been suggesting we it for ages, and when we began rehearsals in earnest for the "Make Yourself Known" recording we finally took.  It took shape pretty quick, it’s a fairly standard Clumsy Lovers style arrangement. Originally we had different fiddle tunes in each of the breaks, but we eventually decided we liked it better using "Liza Jane" as sort of the signature riff.  The only other tune which appears in the extended instrumental break before the last verse, is called "Tom & Jerry".

This live recording happened right around the time we recorded the "Make Yourself Known" version, so it’s pretty faithful.  Only more pointless introductory rambling on this one!

The Lyrics

Because we didn’t write them, we feel funny about posting them here (though we’re sure it’s fine, we’re just being paranoid.  Here’s one of the many internet links where you can find them.

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