The Song


Hangover (Chris Hamilton)

Chris Hamilton played mandolin and sang in the Clumsy Lovers for years, and though he’s long since departed to follow his calling as a children’s performer,  a couple of his compositions live on with the band.  I doubt this one gets too much play in his current gig!

Hangover has come in and out of heavy rotation in our set lists for over a decade now.  While it probably doesn’t get played as often as some of the (slightly) newer tunes anymore, it’s longevity surely must have it in the top ten all-time for frequently performed Clumsy Lover tunes.  A heady distinction, to be sure.

This version is the original studio version from our “Barnburner” CD.  The kinda odd ending was a studio invention, which I remember Mr. Hamilton was not particularly fond of.  I think we played it live that way maybe a half-dozen times before reverting back to the more natural “one more chorus” reprise.  We now almost always play the Don Reno tune “Remington Ride” in that spot.  But really, that’s neither here nor there.

The Lyrics

Drinking at the club, drinking all night
I still had my wits about but you were a sorry sight
Stumbling from the bar, pushing through the crowd
You may not remember now but man you sure were loud
Hangover, hangover
How many times did you fall over
Eyes all red, feel half-dead
The party’s long since over
Then you met this girl, remember what you said
You told her you were rich and you wanted her in bed
She looked at you and smiled then she turned towards the door

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